Week 4: SQUELCH KOMMANDO [SQK] vs Art of Warcraft [Aw]

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[KoAo] Nerzhul
aw pride lost 0-2 vs tgw.
[RN] ag3nt
insuperable didnt come and Aw changed him to aW]Pride
[KoAo] Nerzhul
iam in clan aw northrend. iam waiting fro insups response. can you wait plz?
[RN] reyenir
[RN] reyenir
[KoAo] Nerzhul
sunday 16 cest is ok for the AS?
[KoAo] Nerzhul
ill upload replaysn as soon as danger send them to me
[KoAo] Nerzhul
Aw]RightWing in 2s with danger.
[KoAo] Nerzhul
insup ( aw ) and tgw ( sqk ) arent online. we decided to change players inhell vs raven.
[RN] ag3nt
Nerzhul asked us to swap inhell and insuperable. We agree.
[RN] reyenir
his game is postponed
[KoAo] Nerzhul
Inhell is in clan aw europe. Go his game.
[RN] reyenir
Postpone Ancient Springs
[RN] reyenir
let's meet in channel SQK in 30 minutes



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