Week 7: Team Bulgaria [BG] vs HOT ELITE 2018 [HOT]

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[RN] ena1337
Somebody abused hostbot admin rights, that was not OA.
shorty get hes penalty, cw freezed, OA stop abuse your rights pls!
[OwNu] OA
https://www.twitch.tv/videos/279701388?t=02h00m30s so shorty when did we start !start force games when opps say to wait one sec? just an example of how shorty was acting during the clanwar
[RN] ena1337
See screenshot 21:41 CEST: sw1tchback admitted that he arrived late for the CW (18:56 CEST). Also, he asked Shorty to write a comment to postpone the bo3 on EI for 19.00 CEST, which has been accepted by team HOT (accepted as a postpone, not as a match order swap; evidence: see screenshot 21:10 CEST, on which you can see that I wanted to start the BO3 on EI at 17.42 CEST; from then on I technically had to wait at least 74 minutes for sw1tchback until he arrived which is a postpone by definition).

Thus, 1on1 EI was a postpone. Thus, 1on1 GW cannot be accepted as a second postpone for the same clanwar.

Shorty deleting messages on Discord and on the match page about postponing 1on1 EI should give enough hints about the scheme he tries to create here.
So a few points, just to clarify one last time what exactly happened since a lot of lies have been said by Ena up to this point:

- Our player (Sw1tch) had an emergency and wanted to start his game at 19:00 CEST.

- At first Ena said he was fine with the later start, so I confirmed this with my player, and he was on his way out. From the very beginning we agreed with HOT to play the games in the following order. HOT agreed upon this order, otherwise we couldn't have played the games in this order, they could have just hosted GW first, since it was the first map, and waited 15 mins for our player to come, after which they could have taken def win, which they didn't as they agreed to the order to be changed. The order they agreed upon was:

1) TS/FC
2) Then any other game (EI or 2v2).
GW was postponed and this was announced in the very beginning of the clan war.

- Note that Ena only changed his mind (suddenly, like a delusional person) and started disagreeing to the EI game to be played at a later time at 17:35pm CEST (you can see his comment in this thread below). By the time Ena changed his extremely fickle mind, the TS bo3 had already been finished, and the FC bo3 had already started, based on the initial agreement on order of play that HOT agreed upon.

- We decided to complete the FC bo3 before continuing with another game, during which time Ena has apparently spammed messages in a public chat in Discord (note that he neither wrote to me personally on Bnet looking for Sw1tch, nor messaged me privately on Discord, but was spamming messages to many people in a public chat). Note that at that time our player (Sw1tch) was NOT outside anymore. Because of Ena's sudden mood swing I called Sw1tch and asked him to come back.

- Sw1tch came back, entered Bnet and informed me that he would be around if I needed him. However, as I mentioned the FC game was underway and Ena neither contacted me to play personally (via private message), nor contacted Sw1tch in any way.

- Immediately (without any delay on our part) after the FC bo3 was over, the 2v2 bo3 was started, in which both Sw1tch and Ena took part. In other word, Sw1tch was around all along waiting for the FC bo3 to be over in order to start playing in the 2v2.

- After the 2v2 was finished (in which both players were involved), Sw1tch and Ena immediately started the EI game. There was no delay from our side in playing this game either.

In summary:

- There was no delay to play any of the games on our end, other than anything that had been pre-agreed upon with clan HOT. As I mentioned if clan HOT changed their mind AFTERWARDS (i.e. AFTER first agreeing), they could have just hosted a game on GW, and could have waited for 15 minutes for our player to come. They didn't do this, so they automatically agreed ONCE AGAIN to the order of play that was conducted.

- Immediately after Ena changed his mind (he changes it faster than a whore changes her partners), I contacted our player Sw1tch and he came back, and waited to play his game patiently.

- The games of Sw1tch and Ena were played immediately (without any delay) after the latest bo3 that was underway at the time Ena changed his mind was completed.

- For a person who claims he doesn't want to take def wins (see here: http://nwc3l.com/match/848#c7500) Ena seems to be very aggressively trying to take a def win here. Note that if granted, this will be the 3rd def win for clan HOT this season. Teams that cannot win in any other way usually resort to dirty tactics, but it is understandable. In retrospect, I can understand why Ena made problems for the games since he was scared of Sw1tch (for reasons that became obvious after he got badly annihilated both in the solo and in the 2v2 games).
[RN] ena1337
See screenshot 21:10 CEST: I requested to start 1v1 EI at 17.42 CEST on Discord. Shorty said he cannot realize that as his player (sw1tchback) will arrive at 19.00 CEST. (this comment has been deleted by Shorty afterwards so he falsified clear evidence about requesting PP for 1v1 EI for 19.00 CEST).

See screenshot 21:41 CEST: sw1tchback admitted that he arrived late for the CW (18:56 CEST).

That should be enough evidence about 1v1 EI PP
[RN] ena1337
We do not agree for second postpone. I requested to play 1v1 EI at 17.42 PM CEST (see Discord Team Chat). You did not offer me to play the map at this time despite it being the second match of the CW which has to be played at start next to match1 simultaenously, according to match process / sequence rules.

You requested it to be played at 19.00 PM CEST because of your player having an urgent appointment. We allowed you to postpone that map (1v1 EI). We do not allow you to take a second postpone for 1v1 GW. As you also did not offer a replacement player (which we would have allowed) nor Lubber was available (see screenshot section of this CW), we have to take defwin for that match (1v1 GW).
[OwNu] OA
Explain why you deleted your discord msgs , requesting to PP ei till 1900 ? you PP'ed EI so you must play GW or find replacement. unless ofc Team Hot agrees to 2nd PP
You seem to be admining in an extremely selective manner, if that's the case.

In any case, one game is postponed, and that's GW, this will be the last time I say this since I already repeated it like 10 times in this thread alone :)
[OwNu] OA
I am posting as admin, we all saw your convo this morning, Rules state you can only use 1 PP per clanwar... stop trying to be sneaky
Are you posting as BFF of Ena here? I never posted anything like what you are saying. If I said anything, it was ASKING if the game can be played later. Ena didn't agree (as a mannered orga), so we could play the game at any point of time. It's Ena problem if he didn't request for the game to be played earlier. As I said, they are currently playing the game so everything is fine.
[OwNu] OA
"EI can be played at any time." you posted on discord this morning saying you needed to PP till 1900 cest... but ofc you deleted it. Nick even saw it an agreed on discord it was a PP
1) I have no idea what "postponal" means.
2) GW time will be given at a later point after our player confirms the time. The game is postponed.
3) It is your problem that you were waiting. Other matches were played in the meantime, which slowed down your game vs Sw1tch, nobody said that the game was postponed. You are in fact currently playing the game, so everything seems to be fine.
[RN] ena1337
We play the postponed 1v1 on EI now, as you wished. (I was ready since 17.00 PM CEST and waited for sw1tch to arrive). We still are waiting for a sub / replacement / wildcard for 1v1 GW from your side. If not provided, it will be defwin, as we only allow one postponal.
[RN] ena1337
1v1 EI: postponal was allowed
1v1 GW: according to rules, second postponal is not obligatory to be allowed, thus we request you to either provide a wildcard/sub or we take defwin for that map.

We do not allow you to request two postponals in one clanwar, see rule below.
EI is not postponed. We postpone GW. EI can be played at any time.
Ena leaving before the start of the 2v2 game, wasting time on purpose.
We use wildcard for 2v2, Sw1tch will play instead of Moon.
OK, we are in channel clan rbr waiting for the rest of the games.
[RN] ena1337
3.5. Postpones. Each team has the right to take a postpone to any of the 5 series in a single match, but not later than 1 hour after the start of the match. By mutual agreement the teams can take more than one postpone of series per match for each team. Team which take a postpone, must offer date and time of this postpone until next play week ended or get technical defeat in this series. In play-off stage, any postpones and prepones are prohibited.

1v1 EI already postponed into 19.00 CEST.
1v1 GW needs to be played today somehow, please. Manage a wildcard or so. Thanks.
We need to postpone GW.
[RN] ena1337
meet channel clan hote, ready now
[RN] ena1337
go default, we might need for prepone/postpone for 1x1 EI and/or some other map, we will keep you informed. overall we should be fine for default sunday 17.00 pm cest though. meet channel clan HOTE on europe.


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