Week 3: Latín América Gamers 2 [LaG2] vs France B [FraB]

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Sorry i couldnt answer, had some issues i had to attend, ill join your clan chat at 17:00 cest september 30th and check if we could play games at that hour or before
[EwOk] NeSH
Zeiko is ok for 17 cest but not after 20
Nesh, can zeikoo play on saturday around 20:00-21:00CEST?
Hi nesh, can zeiko play on saturday around 17 CEST?
[EwOk] NeSH
Zeiko could play tomorrow or this weekend
[EwOk] NeSH
12-0 for Frab.
LaG2 postpone Mv.

Edgar08 0-2 Kira
dapanda- 0-2 Sephi
Blackwarwolf 0-2 Whydk

dapanda- & Blackwarwolf 0-2 Whydk & Sephi

Ty to LaG2 for cw and Nerzhul for sending lu.
Or tell me in discord some results etc!
I move time, for LaG can add line up!
[FRA] Hatakas
AH bon ?
[EwOk] NeSH
Ah bon
[KoAo] Nerzhul
We play on Default time.
[BamB] kevinschwehm
gl hf



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