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Game 6: Conceiled Hills: rage.contempt (HU) 1 - 0 hot.ostone (UD)

admin fix pls
Game 6: Conceiled Hills:rage.contempt (HU) 0 - 0 hot.ostone (UD)

being hosted NOW

admin fix pls
Game 5: Last Refuge: rage.contempt (HU) 1 - 0 hot.toxigrinta (ne)

admin fix pls
Game 5: We use WILDCARD. We seed HOT.ToXiGrinta (NE).
[RoK] Edge
game 4 ConTempt vs Ikbencool 1-0 map TS
Game 4: Terenas Stand Ladder Version rage.contempt (HU) 1 - 0 hot.ikbencool (hu)

admin fix pls
[uMaD] Nick
Fixed, tell here which player is next.
Game 3: Amazonia: rage.hatuey (HU) 0 - 1 hot.ikbencool (HU)

admin pls fix
[RoK] Edge
website is all bugged, we cant change players on roster or anything.. @admin pls fix it
Game 2: Northern Isles: rage.believe aka stler (NE) 0 - 1 hot.ikbencool (HU)

admin pls fix

Does team HOT still have wild cards left this season ?
[RoK] Edge
i need change the roster, its WRONG, how to do it?
[RoK] Edge
@admin @admen

how many time should we wait for the opponent til get free win?
[RoK] Edge
17:00 CEST, on channel clan RAGE @ europe server
[RoK] Edge
ENA just relax, we gonna have Euro host ok? Most of players today is from Euro.

4) If we play Brazil vs Europe, where should we host?
"4.10. Host. The host should suit both players. If the players can not reach a compromise, the administration of league reserve the right to choice of host."

That is why I need admin decision about hostbots.

1) If we play USA vs Europe, where should we host?
2) If we play Canada vs Europe, where should we host?
3) If we play Peru vs Europe, where should we host?

If admin cannot give us clear answers, I can only say that I want our European players to play on EU bot.
[RoK] Edge
You only accept the rules ENA
We only accept EU hosts
[W3L] Wackstrats
Not hot. Just ena
HOT kicked from W3IL??? :O What? WHy? So sexy for that league???
[W3L] Wackstrats
I would tell you its just like wc3il for hosting because they use NA host for eu vs peru because its whats most fair, but you were kicked from the league so idk if u knew that or not.
[W3L] Wackstrats
Rofl he hasnt even talk to anyone from rage, 80% of our main players on the academy team are European players why would we force NA host.... we do however for vs our main team when EU vs PERU it is Us east host because that is the most fair host for both players

Team rage forces us to play on us hosts. We do not agree with that. We want to play on EU hosts.
[uMaD] Nick
#2 If both team agreed and its good for players why not?
And stop call me not correctly!

We want to play on EU host. Can we host on EU host only?



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