Week 11: Latam United [LUL] vs Bremen eSports Team BMz [BMz]

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[EYG] VincentWonder
we decided to give defwin sincer we are happy to have reached 80 points and it dioesnt change anything ;)
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
We agreed, yes. We will schedule match during the week. Ty for cw guys.
[EYG] VincentWonder
2vs2 is 1:1 and we decided to play the last map during the week cause one of our palyers had to go and LUL agreed to postpone last map. thanks for a mannered and nice cw guys
[EYG] VincentWonder
nice thx
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
See you in channel NWC3L.
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Yes we can start with tr no problem
[EYG] VincentWonder
can we start with Turtle Rock 1 vs 1 ?
[EYG] VincentWonder
Okay nice. 17 cest. I've send you a friend request another time, did you get it? I am on a flight now and come home late at night, so see you tomorrow
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
I don't have messages from you on Discord. Add MartialSpirit#3034 plz, you might have written to somebody else xd
[uMaD] MartialSpirit
Hey, apologies for the delay. Yes 17 CEST is fine. Thanks.
Stop talking to yourself in order to get as many default wins as possible. Default time cw unless managers tell you differently.
[EYG] VincentWonder
Okay we'll be ready for the clanwar on sunday, 17 cest, plz contact me on discord: VincentWonder#1442 i also added martialspirit some days ago but get no response
[EYG] VincentWonder
Oh man, i think it would be good for you guys to play later because of different time zone but if you dont answer till friday evening i'll just plan with the default time . Plz start to communicate now!
[EYG] VincentWonder
Guys, plz lets talk, it is really bad to plan everything so spontaneusly. I added you on disccord martialspirits
[EYG] VincentWonder
Yep cest sorry
[EYG] VincentWonder
Hey guys, would you öike to postpone the match for 1 or 2 hours? So we could start 18 or 19 cet? You can contact me on discord: VincentWonder #1442



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