Week 6: InFernales [InFs] vs Bremen eSports Team BMz [BMz]

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    [W3L] W3L.Psike
    Go kick to manager Zero :/
    Sadly of the Clan InFs did not show up.
    It was awarded, defwins, in maps AZ, LR and only one game of 2v2, similarly defwin.
    [EYG] VincentWonder
    headin just wrote "ggs g2g" after first 2n2 map so we´ll take defwin for the second map
    after game 1 of the 2n2, infs]headin (headinclouds) just left bnet with the words "g2g sorry" so we take defwin on map 2 of the 2n2.
    we play 3 games.
    2v2 change remaining InFs]0Cervantes and InFs]headin.
    ggs and sorry clan bmz
    ok by now, for 2n2 clan infs use wildcard "headintheclouds" will replace infs]jtz since he didnt show up,

    Priest wanted to play the 1v1 i will enter the score betwenn priest and headinclouds after the bo3 in the comments. need an admin. to change it afterwards
    so we were waiting in our clan channel, noone of clan infs is writing into match comments, they dont even awnser on discord. there is only one player online "infs]0cercantes" hes even orga and does not even trying to make this cw happen. WE take Defwins for the rest of the 1v1.
    its not fair, to let players wait, like this.
    17:00 cest @ clan bmz
    we re up to play @ default time :)