Week 3: EwOk [EwOk] vs Team Italy [ITA]

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[ITA] ThunderHorn
GGs, thanks for the nice cw guys! GL for next cws to come!
[ITA] ThunderHorn
Allez les Bleus! :D
Chef feel free to add me on discord so we can discuss better about cw (which map play first etc.).
[EwOk] EwOkChef
Yo boys. PP is ok no prob. I'll ask my CH solo to see if it's ok. Let's have a nice cw. More infos soon ! :) Forza Italia !
[ITA] ThunderHorn
Also we would like to play CH at 20:00 CEST tomorrow. Reach us out please.
[ITA] ThunderHorn
Hello there! We would like to postpone the match on EI. It's ok for you Monday, 3rd of August? Cheers :D



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