Week 3: Hot Emo 1337 [HEmo] vs sp4rtans [s4s]

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[RN] ena1337
2v2 HC was normal race (ena orc, ripley hu)*

Only 2v2 TR (g2) was reverse race
[RN] ena1337
2v2 TR (g2) was reverse race:

ena (HU)
ripley (orc)

1v1 HC was normal race (ena orc, ripley hu)
[RN] ena1337
1v1 EI:

Masha (UD) 2 - 0 Ic34u (NE)

Map1: EI
Map2: AZ
[RN] ena1337

please change player for EI 1on1

not SER but Masha (Undead)

both parties agreed on replacement without wildcard.
[RN] ena1337

please change race for CH 1on1

game1 : orc
game2: nightelf
gam3: nightelf

oooj muti kece qysh ti kom vetullat e mcdonalsit
[RN] ena1337
Everyone hating on Reforged graphics is a negative person and pessimist. We should embrace the changes and support the hype!
[RN] Muffy
Ich hoffe ihr streamt den CW in reforged Grafik!?



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