Week 2: InFernales eSports Academy [InFa] vs second class Poles [scP]

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[scP] Fir
why i cannot upload replays?
I make it clear that in the game HIDDENPANTS VS FranCesc (map Autumn Leaves). The player FranCesc gave FF for having a bad internet connection. Both games were played but Francesc's internet went down repeatedly. RMK was awarded multiple times and kept cutting during the game
@SCP FIR We would like to start the clan war at 18:30 CET. to schedule it at that time.
[scP] Fir
default time is ok



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son_bez_sna match 31.10 - 19:44 CET
W3L.Psike match 12.10 - 03:51 CEST
Nerzhul match 25.09 - 23:25 CEST
admin match 16.09 - 17:49 CEST
Raven_TT match 11.09 - 20:21 CEST