Week 3: Emo 1337 [Emo] vs War3lovers Gaming [W3L]


[Emo] Raven_TT
The result for LR is the following: Avernus won the first game, after that his opponent went offline. We waited for some time, but after that mutually agreed it is a defwin for the second game.
[Emo] Raven_TT
However the result of the matches he participated in is in favor of Emo, so we do not mind
[Emo] Raven_TT
I asked them about it. W3L manager Sauce said they have this player in roster since the very beginning. But somehow he disappered from roster when the problems with site occured
MuNzTer ? who is it ? he not in roster of W3L!
[Emo] Raven_TT
Here i confirm we agreed 3 subs for W3L team (due to some reasons and issues with the site):
CH - MuNzTer (hum)
LR - juicemeup (ud)
2v2 - Sauce (ud) + MuNzTer (hum)
[Emo] Raven_TT
Other 1v1 matches are postponed to 20:00 CET 15.11.2020
[Emo] Raven_TT
EI Soulful (hum) 2-0 coleslawe (orc)
[Emo] Raven_TT
We preponed 2v2 and EI to Saturday 14.11.2020, 18:00 CET

Now 2v2 result is EMO 2 - 0 W3L


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