Week 6: InFernales eSports Academy [InFa] vs Team Odyssey [ODS]

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[InFa] MartialSpirit
All fine now, ty admin
[InFa] MartialSpirit
Admin, please delete both so I re-upload, sorry.
Uploaded the same replay of game jens vs. YoungUndead - G2 and G3, which one need delete?
[InFa] MartialSpirit
Jens vs YoungUndead will be played Saturday 17 CET, both teams agreed upon this date.
[InFa] MartialSpirit
So next time you play vs South America players, please ask Johnnyf or a player in a near location to him for hosting SimbaPower's games, so that we don't need to be endlessly looking for hosts.

We can't be going to Netease due to location issues and the league is clearly all played in Bnet.

Thanks for understanding. GG.