Week 7: InFernales eSports Academy [InFa] vs Team L7 [TL7]

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[InFa] MartialSpirit
Admin, site is buggy again, can't upload replays. I'll send it to you via Discord.
[InFa] MartialSpirit
TL7 decided to play the 2v2 with Arma and CJIeMoBuK. We agreed upon this late hour change. GG guys ty for clanwar.
[InFa] MartialSpirit
The doubles will be played on Sunday 17 CET onwards.

Jens (Ne) and MartialSpirit (Hu) will replace Kyo and Linger for the 2v2.

YoungInspired (Hu) and Sklip (Rdm) will play the 2v2 for TL7.

Both teams agreed on these changes.
[InFa] MartialSpirit
Bloody vs YoungInspired will be played this Saturday Dec 19th at 19 CET. Both teams agreed.
I just try now and all fine. Try again and if not turn out sent me it in discrod.
[InFa] MartialSpirit
Admin, can't submit any replays. The UI is buggy.
[InFa] MartialSpirit
We will play Temo vs Gonz tomorrow 20 CET.

We PPed the 2v2 and the 1v1 Jazzmaster vs YoungInspired because of hosting issues. We will reschedule and the 2v2 we need admin help to define host.

Both teams agreed.
[InFa] MartialSpirit
Ok np. Agreed.
[L7] CJIeMoBuK
Az switch Arma on CJIEMoBuK
2 on 2 Arma on Inspired