Week 2: Koao [Koao] vs Emo 1337 [Emo]

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[Emo] Raven_TT
We are wainting for walter already for 12 minutes.
Nerzhul got offline. Noone responds from Koao.
If Walter will not come in 5 more minutes, we claim for defwins for TH and 2x2
[Emo] JusT-Do.iT-pLs
[KoAo] Nerzhul
lets start LR
[Emo] Raven_TT
[KoAo] Nerzhul
Need to pp az
[Emo] Raven_TT
Hi Nerzhul
You may add me via discord Raven_TT#0875
[KoAo] Nerzhul
Hello there ?