Week 5: InFernales eSports Academy [InFa] vs Koao [Koao]

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[InFa] MartialSpirit
We played Philbois ve MrWinner game 3 to avoid disputes.

gg, wp.

gl next.
[InFa] MartialSpirit
We waited over 12 mins for MrWinner in lobby for game 3. He didn't show so, sorry, Phil needed to go.
[KoAo] Nerzhul
Lr late cuz golden league
[KoAo] Nerzhul
sure kids.
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
Lets go academy!

[InFa] MartialSpirit
We play this cw at default time and default map order.

LT (2v2)

If you need to PP a match, please do until 1 hour before the clanwar starts, and we have max 15 min between each bo3.

gl hf