Week 7: third class Poles [tcP] vs Team Power Rangers Academy [PwRA]

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Man what are you talking about. I dont understand you xD
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
i post screens for : 4.8. No observers right. Any player in any game can ask for no observer's mode. In game can stay only confirmed streamer with delay on his stream minimum 3 minutes.
and for 5.4. Insults. In the case of insults, disrespect, abuse of profanity against any league member (player, manager, streamer etc.) the team gets - 2 pp.
And for replay i ask for 5.5. Unfair play. For the use of third party programs giving advantage in the game (map hack, lag hack, drop hack, gold hack, skype party etc.) and smurfing (playing on account of other player) the player get technical defeat in series, ban until the end of the current season and the next.
So i ask for rematch all without any observer and for insult i want the team gets - 2 pp.
PP for CH (tcp)



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