Week 1: The Bloodthirsty Warriors [TBW] vs RaptorStalkers [RPTS]

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[RPTS] Dekker
We take the Defwin for RC because opponent was not available on 04:00 cest due to missunderstanding and after clarification was still not available 16:00 cest (+15minutes of waiting). Our player was therefore waiting for more than 12 hour for his match.
[RPTS] Dekker
RPTS allowed to replace Kiosuke with E8Orc during the war for the 2v2 because Kiosuke was not available
[RPTS] Dekker
First Map of D564CH vs ChelseaFC was accidently not SG. Both teams agreed its ok though. We asked before map 2 was started
[RPTS] ThreeWayKay
LR and 2v2 will be playedafter 19:00 cets

We will pp RC. We would like to preopose it on Thursday 07.07. 04:00 cest



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son_bez_sna match 31.10 - 19:44 CET
W3L.Psike match 12.10 - 03:51 CEST
Nerzhul match 25.09 - 23:25 CEST
admin match 16.09 - 17:49 CEST
Raven_TT match 11.09 - 20:21 CEST