Week 1: Digital Xtreme [Dx] vs Oceanic Elite [oCe]

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[uMaD] Nick
Tell please dates/times when Sayso can finish this bo3!
[zE] Sayso
Hi HexStompCrit how can i find you? i add u on w3a but i havent seen you online yet. add me sayso @ w3a /discord or let me know how else to contact u. Thanks
[zE] trickSy
Alright, like I said sayso has gone away for a few days but as soon as he's back we'll get it organized for a day. THanks guys
[InFc] MartialSpirit
Oh, you guys can flame. Good that you found what you're good at, because at WC3 and Geography, you are pretty bad.
[Dx] Koshey
Any day 12 - 14 CEST
[zE] trickSy
hey guys, whats the earliest you can play for the final match? our player is on now if you could
SweeT took one point so far

[zE] Sayso
how can we organize this? add me on discord sayso#9074
[zE] Sayso
lets play the last map now?
[zE] SweeT
@#8: Calling me an "anal virgin" is the highest level of an insult towards me. This will have consequences.
[zE] SweeT
we can play in 1hr 10minutes.

3pm CEST
[zE] SweeT
#2 you = cuck
#6 ena137 = anal virgin but good
#4 good organizer but very grumpy
#5 bipolar but good guy np

#7 yes lets finish this when we can, but we can play TS LV today I think. Treasure Island player went to bed.
[uMaD] sheik
let's finish this today
[OwNu] OA
#4 on the next episodes of FUN WITH FLAGS Featuring Ugri... :D
He is Bolivian, flags differ a lot (green white red with this big eagle in the middle). The eagle eating the snake is actually the legend that led to the creation of Mexico City (check wikipedia for help).

Australia and NZ flags are actually way more confusing to my eye!
[zE] trickSy
is this even your clanwar MartialSPirit? fuck off you dumb mexican
[InFc] MartialSpirit
How many games can a clan postpone?
[zE] Sayso
Hey, how come PP for TS LV and Treasure Island? I thought we were going to play those today..



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