Week 1: Team Bulgaria 2 [BG2] vs New Clan [NC]

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[GCA] rbr.Shorty
We can play today, but only before 14:00 CET. Can you make it?
can we play today?
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
I think you might have misunderstood. The admin (Nick) doesn't approve of us using wildcard, since the match has technically already started. The disconnect of whatcanuddo in Game 1 (on TM) is considered as your win, so you lead the series by 1:0. The series will need to be continued with the same players for both teams, so whatcanuddo+sustainer will have to play for us.

I checked with them and they both confirm they will be available tonight after 17:00 CET on w3arena, so as soon as you are ready, we can finish this match.
If game on TM is counted its 0-2 we won (If not - we have to play vs wildcard players like Nick said) . I cant to upload the GW replay, because score is 0-1 . Fix it please
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
First game is on TM vs Sustainer+Whatcanuddo, so you will have to play vs them. I am currently asking them to confirm if they could play it tomorrow after 17:00 CET.
Admin(Nick) said - You have to play with the same 2v2 team as a 1st game (1st was on a GW - Godgather/Shorty vs Cold/Worlop) . Yes we can play on Sunday after our cw.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
The admin wants to finish the match with the original players, because the bo3 has already been started.

I will need 1 day prior notice in order to be able to inform our players on time. So if you want to play on Sunday (for instance), please let me know by Saturday.
ok. lets play today.
You used wild-card so Your 2v2 team for our clan war is Shorty+GodFather right?
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Our 2vs2 players can play the game Tuesday and Thursday after 19:00 CET, or Sunday after 16:00 CET.
Finish last 2on2 match correctly and without pressing each other.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
We use wildcard for the 2vs2 game: Shorty+GodFather play instead of Sustainer+WhatCanUDDo.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
I am not sure you understand how the league rules work. Here is the rule for technical defeat:

"4.15. Technical defeat. If a player or team did not come within 15 minutes to play a series, the team that the player(s) did not show up receive technical defeat in this series. The team receives technical victory in the series or match must to upload a screenshot of the specified time (/ time), with a pre-approved channels for the match, without a screenshots victory is not valid."

Regarding the disconnects, here is the rule for disconnect:

"4.16. Disconnects. If, after disconnection teams has a disputes, the decision to regame or confirm result taking by league admin."

I have already contacted the admins and sent them the Game 1 from the 2vs2 match, so that they decide if you should get the win for that map, or it should be replayed.
We havent a much free time, only about cw day or another one. So i ll upload all the replays with disconnects. its not our problem Lex using your account (we have a free hostbots) , its not our problem ' WhatCanUDDo disconnected, because he had to play cross-realm through Northrend, because the admins of w3arena did not unban him '
Best Regards
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
It was not Shorty, it was LeX using my account, because someone had to host the games. WhatCanUDDo disconnected, because he had to play cross-realm through Northrend, because the admins of w3arena did not unban him, although they were asked for that multiple times. You can take tech win only if our player did not show up for the match (which is not the case), and if we don't have another player to substitute him with (which is also not the case). Therefore, the game is postponed due to technical reasons. Now please let me know when your players can play the 2vs2 game.

Additionally, this league is not a place where teams have the culture of taking def wins whenever possible. On the contrary, teams try to find mutual understanding and play out all games, whenever possible.
Yesterday on the clanwar we played 2v2. BG2 team player Whatcanuddo disconnected. Shorty agreed on the tech lose.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Please let me know when you could play the 2vs2 game. Our players are available every evening during the weekdays, after 18:00 CET. They are also available on Sunday.
hi, ok np
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Hi guys, could the match on "Swamped Temple" be played a little later, around 20:00 CET?



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