Week 5: P r o - G a m i n g C o l l e g e [pGCl] vs Real Life Buddies [RLB]

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[pG] pG.Sky
schoko and MezzoMix replaced by Ikbencool and RiplEy. RLB agreed
[RLB] SkyRocky
Schoko replaced by Ripley
[InFs] FpXy
How long are PPs ,they seem to use those forever just replace if player wont come
Can we go 2v2 and SV today?
2v2 tomorow and SV too? can we do that?
[InFc] MartialSpirit
Like always, pG can't finish a single clan war without PP :D
[RLB] SkyRocky
Meezomix didnt showup, Sky agree whit free win
[pG] pG.Sky
We need PP match on map SV
[pG] pG.Sky
We will talk about 2v2, i cant play it on sunday so we will pp.
[pG] pG.Sky
pG.Sky vs AJK on map Slaughter Hills 0-2
[pG] pG.Sky
pG.Sky vs AJK on map Slaughter Hills 0-2
come at channel clan rlb. we are w8ing.
Cool. c-ya around 18:00 then.
[pG] pG.Sky
hi. I think yes.
Hey, can we play Slaughter Hills and 2v2 tomorrow around 18:00-19:00?



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