Week 7: New Clan [NC] vs HOT ELITE 2018 [HOT]

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    [RN] ena1337
    Using last wild card. Replacing 1v1 SV ena1337 with muffy.
    [RN] ena1337
    Not sure if I will make it by 17.00. Could be between 16.30.and 18.00
    [RN] ena1337
    #11 so go approx. 17.00 CET today?
    ''See you in playoff''- Ena2018
    sorry wrong copy paste
    '1on1 SV: need to be postponed.' we accepted it
    [RN] ena1337
    You said that you accepted that 1v1 SV can be played "NOW"

    Both of us apparently speak about "now".

    Why waste time in match comments now if we can just finish this bo3 now? It's really unnecessary to delay this if you apparently are online and available. Even MartialSpirit from clan LS said that we can finish our bo3 before u play vs him...
    who talks that about 'now' ?
    [RN] ena1337
    By "now", people usually mean "now", and not "tomorrow", btw ...
    [RN] ena1337
    No promises about tomorrow. 16.00 PM CET could work. Maybe.
    '[HOT] ena1337
    1on1 SV: can be played now.' we accepted it . time you can play tomorrow ?
    [RN] ena1337
    1on1 SV: see screenshot: https://imgur.com/a/xPE7b

    We requested postpone for this BO3 because our player was not ready at 17.00. At 19.20, our player was ready. But NC.Cold did not want to play - he leaves game - why?

    Time: 25th February, 2018, 19.23 PM CET.

    I do not understand ... it is Sunday evening, normal NWC3L clanwar time, and he wants to play another day?
    [RN] ena1337
    @admin: delete g2 g3 2on2 replays pls, mistake in upload.
    [RN] ena1337
    1on1 SV: can be played now.
    reload game 2 of Rodina-Kurok vs. Noexxx please
    [RN] ena1337
    1on1 SV: need to be postponed.



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