NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Season 8 Finalle

 NWC3L Season 8 Final 

MV Bizzare [1:0] pG.RaZZoRMaN
NI AZ Sonik [2:0] Blade
TSLV EI AI Curiocity. [1:2] Cash
TR TS XeLSinG [2:0] Imperius
BB Sonik
[0:0] Shocker

Hello everyone! And yes, this is it! Time to find out most mad and most professional team at season 8!!! Challenge this will two applicants with higher number of stars in lineups, well it can be complete by some Sweden squad, but alas final can't include three teams anyway. Interesting that teams met each other just once despite 3 seasons jointly participating. Some things change, especially  pG lineup, but in counterweight to this  uMaD go stable all this time (match result for your attantion).

AZ AI TS ikbencool [2:1] Capetown
DT AZ pg.Frozen [0:2] Bizzare
MV EI AZ pG.RiplEy [1:2] Curiocity.
CK NI pg.obs.nia4em [0:2] Sonik
BB TM pg.obs.nia4em
[0:2] the.Pain

Much can be said about persoalities in this final, so let's look detailed a bit. Strange, with all the severity of the roster  uMaD we can see in our season stats  pG guys on top! Catches the eye progress of   Imperius in this season, from in S6 rank 9 and S5 rank 10 he goes top 1/2 for a couple with   Cash (wait them in 2v2 ;)! Btw amusing fact about first bo3 on league by WCG 2011 Grand finalist:

Imperius 2:1 Cash rbr vs. RAGE Week 6

As if in opposition mad applicants show us very strong pare in face ua elf Sonik and by orc XeLSinG, of course both players dnot need to be represented, but wanna say that despite on good result on league, in other online tournaments they long time can't jump at higher position! In shades of favorites we can see not so famous, but in very strong shape now lt orc Bizzare who very good right now in all 4 match-ups.

Also get a little hide   Blade with incredible winrate vs all races (except mirror) nevertheless exactly him can make a break in the outcome of the battle will see.

Do not forget and underestimate 2v2 matches, neither once nor twice in this submatch decide fate of the teams ^^ Interesting, but no representatives from both sides in top. So selec7 stable pare from  pG   Shocker and   Cash and top pare "on paper" by orc XeLSinG and ua elf Sonik, who knows mb in this opposite decide the fate of the eighth season!

Wish both teams good luck, nice games and colorful show!!! Season 8 Final Let's go!!!


[SWE] Skutt
Best of luck to both teams! Big fight incoming

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