Week 1: P r o - G a m i n g [pG] vs Real Life Buddies [RLB]

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Noobforthe life is mizza. he will be replacing atheist.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Hunter is waiting on channel "pg" till 20:15 cest
[pG] pG.Okkul
Who is Mizza? I didnt see him in your roster
We need to replace Atherist in solo with Mizza, is that ok? The time will be the same, around 20:00. About 2v2, it stays the same.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Sunday 20 cest Hunter vs Atheist @ TM
About 2v2 i cant promise for this weekend , but i asked Hyz , Hunter will be rdy. Waiting for Hyz's response.
Saturday or sunday both sounds fine around 20:00 we can do it. i prefer sunday after our regular CW. What about 2v2? can we do it that time as well ?
[pG] pG.Okkul
Okay, i wanna offer exact time/date, it is : Sunday 17-20 cest. For solo match Hunter.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Hunter can play on Saturday/Sunday both matches 19-20 cest.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Hunter can play on weekends, i will give you time as soon as possible.
[RLB] GrayWarden
20:00 cest it is then.Sure
[pG] Crrpt
HI graywarden 20:00 CETsuperb for me! clan RBR?
[pG] pG.Okkul
Crrpt confirmed 20 cest
[pG] pG.Okkul
#11 I asked crrpt and will give you response.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Hunter can play only on weekends, i will ask him about time.

[RLB] GrayWarden
I can play today around 20:00 cest my match vs crrpt. is that ok for you?
Yo, we have a sub rdy now to play vs hunter. Can you do it ?
[pG] pG.Okkul
Crrpt can play tomorrow between 16 and 21 cest @ AF
[pG] pG.Okkul
lets meet channel "pG"
Hey guys, where do you want to meet on bnet?
[RLB] SkyRocky
ok NP
[pG] pG.Okkul
Hi RLB. We need to postpone AF on next week.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Ah oke
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
Ya, you are right, sry! But as you can see @ my clantag clan LG is moving to clan FS. LG leaving league.
[pG] pG.Okkul
Postpone? Maybe prepone? Hi
[Fs] Drunkenwanken
Hey guys, its possible to postpone TM/ML/AF to saturday?


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