Week 5: Latín América Gamers 2 [LaG2] vs France [FRA]

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[LaG2] Edgar04
Dapanda 1-2 GueSs
[FRA] Hatakas
so today 17h game guess vs DandaPanda like u said
[LaG2] Edgar04
What time on Saturday?
[FRA] SaTan
Guess can play this week end , tomorrow in the afternoon or sunday at like 8pm cet
[FRA] SaTan
You dont need me accept it from the time you decide to use a WildCard . If you do use a wildcard for the match against guess, tell me when your player is available thx
[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
te ayudo con ese ingles si queres edgar xD GOGO InFs
[LaG2] Edgar04
Admin the FRA clan does not respond i will change player because blackwarwolf can not play
[LaG2] Edgar04
Blackwarwolf cant play his map. Iam gonna use Other player to play his map if you are agree.
[pG] pG.Okkul
gogo infs
[LaG2] Blackwarwolf
Rostyt0m are waiting for play the match of quepasoaqui gn lag1 ,edgar game posponed
[FRA] SaTan
Edgard not here too so defwin for fra A vs edgard04
[FRA] SaTan
Hatakas take defwin against quepasoaqui, we tried to help them find a way to organisate this match, their player are not here, and they do everything to buy time maliciously, pretending not being able to join game etc when their players is just not here
[FRA] SaTan
FRA used wildcard on guess for Syde.
[FRA] SaTan
AD postponed by FRA
[FraB] PauH
[LaG2] Blackwarwolf
Fc (Edgar018)
Crawler & BlackWarwolf
[RaG] Nerzhul
ok ill tell manager.
[FRA] SaTan
No line up from LaG2 ??? we're clan fra waiting
[FRA] Hatakas
Thx to join clan fra channel at 17:00 with your player to fixe the organisation and for the best map rotation. Thx again ! ^^



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