Week 6: France [FRA] vs Run Bi7ch Run [rbr]

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I think you need united with kLp it will great team.
[BG] rbr.GodFather
You don't follow your own rules. But no problem Nick, its normal. I forgive you.
Def wins too.
[BG] rbr.GodFather
Money solves.
[BG] rbr.GodFather
Admin , Satan said he give us def win for the match. Please add the points. Thanks for the understanding.
Today 22-00 CEST channel NWC3L for last 2on2.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hey Satan, sorry, we just finished playing everything with kLp. Are Saturn and Anima still around?
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Nah, I think by 18:00 CET I should be back and set up for play, unless something unexpected happens. I informed Moon about the noon game vs Anima.
[FRA] SaTan
" We will be back probably around 18:00 CET "

Well, so that mean the time to arrives, (maybe u'll be delayed a bit on the road ) drop your stuffs and turn on the computer , it will be around 18:30 - 18;45cet the time you can start to play.

At this time, we'll be in another CW, and its around the time where saturn have to leave his home/ or near from it .
I'll ask him still, but your restricted availabilities doesnt help so much, and i'm not promissing anything for 18;30 ~ CET sunday, but i'll try to see :s

So, since anyway U guys cant make it for 12cet tomorrow to play the 2x2 , lets just do SV instead tomorrow at 12cet
Sunday 16-00 CEST for 2on2, ask from rbr.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hmm, I won't be around until the late afternoon tomorrow as I arranged a trip with my wife (we are back in Bulgaria) outside the city. We will be back probably around 18:00 CET. Let me check with Moon if we can play it today.
[FRA] SaTan
Hi there,
I come with some additional news :

So we would like to play the 2x2 before the gera cup tomorrow , instead of the solo , because saturn need to leave his home tomorrow in the afternoon, so he'll not be able to play so late tomorrow.
And we play anima / moon after the cw of tomorrow / during the cw of tomorrow regarding how it's possible

We also can play today, the whole afternoon / evening for this 2x2
Same for the solo , it can be done today

[FRA] SaTan
"the 2vs2 after the regular CWs are over (probably around 20:00 CEST). "
For that it's good
But for the one vs one on SV I cant confirm yet if anima can play it or not before gera cup,
There's a chance that anima works sunday from 8 cet untill 18cet, so if this is the case anima wont be here neither for gera nore for this match.

He'll tell me later this evening or tomorrow if he does works or not sunday as it's still not sure.
I'll then inform you here !
[BG] rbr.Shorty
OK, let's play Anima vs. Moon before Gera, and the 2vs2 after the regular CWs are over (probably around 20:00 CEST).
[FRA] SaTan
Hello shorty, for the remaining matches ( sv/2v2 ) there's a high chance for my players to be here on sunday ( saturn confirmed me it already )
I'm waiting for the answer of anima now, but potentially talking, we could do one match before the gera and one match after the cw / during the cw of sunday, since two matches in a row wont be possible as anima/moon play the two.
I doubt we can do the two bo3 before the gera also, because of the time we'll have before the gera start.
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Or probably late afternoon (like 7pm) on Sunday?
[BG] rbr.Shorty
Hey guys, so we need to finish the matches by this weekend, but it is HIGHLY likely that this Saturday neither Moon, nor me will be available. Does Sunday early afternoon work for you (before the start of Gera potentially), so that we don't clash with the weekly match?
No RiftValley on this week, AncientSprings, so regame please ...
[FRA] SaTan
Ok, for the 2x2 no problem :)
[FRA] SaTan
Ok, rdy for riftvalley if u want !

Zeiko's in gera, so we can go his match vs sw1tch after the gera .

I've no news of saturn/anima yet, they was supposed to play the gera today but they didnt show'd up !

Also can u add me on Skype ? Mepro555 my name, it gonna be easier to discuss !
[BG] rbr.Shorty
We will likely need to postpone the 2vs2 :(
[FRA] SaTan
Ok, I think we can play riftvalley anytime soon !
[BG] rbr.Shorty
We could probably even start with some games 1 hour before the time?
[kLp] kaio
Hello, ok very nice Shorty!
[BG] rbr.Shorty
I was checking with the players. It seems like no one has availability this week during the weekdays. Most of our team members work (don't go to school/uni), and some have families, so it's a bit tough in general. However, on Sunday all should be available.
[FRA] SaTan
Ok, fine then, also we're available to play some matches during the week aswell if you like , do tell me ! :)
[BG] rbr.Shorty
We can tentatively agree on 15:00 CET and we can start any matches we can start at that time. If none, then no problem, we will wait.

We will be unable to play matches on Saturday, though, because we have an event that day :(
[FRA] SaTan
Same, if its better for u , we can do some match saturday afternoon aswell ? (just tryin to help)
[FRA] SaTan
Hello kind sir,

" For instance, if some of the players need to go earlier, they might be purposefully placed to start on Map 1 or 2"

Yes , exactly, but that requiert my agreement, which is what i blame on this rule !

To take your example, as u said, if your solo 2 need to play in first, I've To agree it, otherwise u're forced to seed your player of solo 2 in solo 1 when u send your line up if you want your solo 2 to play in first , instead your original solo 1 which is what I blame ^^ Because If I want to follow this new rule, I just can force the solo 1 in first as the rules say, and you're fucked, even if your solo 2 wanna play first^^ and since it requiert my agreement for 2 matchs in parrallel so there's nothing u can do, beside change your line up when u send it, which mean, u will maybe have to seed an undead on MV just to play the solo 1 , when he was supposed to be solo 2 on TR( you see what I mean ? )

Anyway, since u agree thoses terms, its alright !

For 15cet, well as U said there's the gera , and my 4 1x1 players + 1 player of my 2x2 will do it , they usually go past round 3 ( unlike a bad seed ofc ^^ )

So, I'm technically fine to set the cw at 15cet, but we might not be able to play any matches before 17cet since all of my players will participate in the gera !
So, I dont rly see the point to set the cw at 15cet if its to make u wait untill 17cet anyway :s

If u've any idea that would be better for u , do tell me and i'll try to help !

Or we just talk on Skype from 13cet sunday, and once i've someone I tell u and we play , so maybe before the gera cup , or once one of my players is out, but I cant guarantee a single match for 15cet , nore for 16cet yet !

Do tell me if u've an idea !
have a good day

[BG] rbr.Shorty
Coucou, Satan. While I agree that the rules are not necessary to be enforced always, in some cases they might be useful. For instance, if some of the players need to go earlier, they might be purposefully placed to start on Map 1 or 2, so that they could complete their games faster. Same thing with some players that might be playing some tournament at that time (for example), so they would be placed on Map 3 or 4, so that they are not late for the match. I think that's the logic of the rule. Other than that, we can definitely play two (or even three) games simultaneously.

Would you be available on Sunday at 15:00 CEST to start the match? I am aware that there is Gera Cup at the same time and if a player goes past round 3 (or so) they won't be available at 15 CEST, but still we can start with some of the matches earlier, so that we could finish as early as possible.
This cw will be tough :)
[FRA] SaTan
Hello, As the rule 4.10 is :

What do you think to do as the usual ?
We play as the usual without using of a dumb draft order as if we was in a military camp ?
To know :

1/No predeterminated Order (as it's explained in the rule 4.10 ) which mean, lets be free to do as we want concerning the order.

2/ We agree that we can force the simultanously bo3s ( since sometimes the players cant wait 2hours to finally plays ) Instead to ask for it , since it always been a comon sense to play in parrallel in the case of a lack of time from one or more players from a team or another.

Do tell me if you accept thoses terms asap please, thoses two rules are nothing usefull but show a hight risk to cause defwins and troubles between the teams , so in my opinion its better to avoid it !


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