Week 5: Real Life Buddies [RLB] vs OwNu RenTner [OwNu]

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Ok, go wednesday 18:00. c-ya in channel clan rlb
[OwNu] BounD
are you unable to read? i told 2 possible Dates ;D
Cut the crap, when do u want to play? atheist is available tonight and tomorrow, give us a date!
[OwNu] BounD
as i said, i was not around in the first week.
and i ve seen then Atheist got no time in the second so i didnt answered there aswell xd
btw there s a timeline to finish this until the end of the season, no Need to hurry up for it or to blame shit here
[HOT] AtheistP
@Yosh 11 days passed until yaboltez/bound answered... it's not ok at all..
[OwNu] Yosh
To be fair, yaboltez was asking for dates on behalf of bound.
[OwNu] BounD
lul yeah haha.
in the first week i was not around like you in the second week.
while i was ill in the second week.
i dont Play when you want me to Play. but if you re happy with it try to get the def fuffi. i d c
[HOT] AtheistP
@Bound this is really bad man,you cant even answer to our messages 1 week fuck this shit,if u dont play tomorrow i'll ask for def win
[OwNu] BounD
monday is always bad for me. what about wednesday around 18 or thursday around 20 cet ?
6.2.2017 monday at 17:00? is that good time for u ?
[OwNu] yaBoltez
for SV - tell few dates for the next week plz
Bound. when can u play? atheist is open for our match. propose time!
[HOT] AtheistP
@Bound because you didn't answered 4 days you will be forced to wait me 1 week now
Anyway, when can bound play vs atheist?
[HOT] AtheistP
ok ok because do we really care which race we play ^^
[OwNu] ToX
not an issue just wondered what they played there xD 2xelf vs elf orc, it was not meant as an attack @atheistP
[HOT] AtheistP
@Tox you really pointed this as an issue? :D
Yaboltez played elf instead of hum too, so we decided not to make a big deal out of it!
[RLB] SkyRocky
Also u should play whit chosen name, not as TheScourage.
[OwNu] ToX
in the 2v2 game you said Qlimax was (UD) AJK (ELF), in game 1 u played ELF/ELF?
U must play the race you picked in this league.
We PP SV game, it can be played tomorrow. we will be in touch.
[OwNu] BounD
We have to pp FC. Dates for that are monday - friday 20-24 cet
and 2n2 might be late today, one of us is coming later xd
sorry for that
17:00 meet at channel clan RLB. oke ?


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