Week 9: Real Life Buddies [RLB] vs SQUELCH KOMMANDO [SQK]

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[SQK] ag3nt
still no penalty points for atheist nomanner at that cw
[HOT] AtheistP
@ag3nt I have to admit that you are right,i just wanted to play without obs,u made the problem actually,u should just say ok and wait for other game and comment other game and not disscus why i dont want observers...

Its player choice and i dont see any reason why you should complain,i just wanted without observers and that shouldn't be any problem... dont get it but you are right for most of ur statement.
No idea why you would force slots to be closed and to watch via stream. If this was a professional tournament with a prize pool of over $1000, then sure, close slots and only allow streamers and admins to ensure nobody is cheating, but this is a friendly tournament about having fun. And this is a dead game and community? Ahahaha!
[RaG] FpXy
Drama in dead game,dead community in 2017 no please.
[SQK] ag3nt
Ye, I didn't get muted on w3arena and hated by the community for my manners. Sorry, but I don't even seek for that kind of achievements which you have.
I'm frustrated because we wanted to do skype-speak about the game with DV and have fun. We are here for fun not for achievements. We can't do that only by watching the stream, we don't have full vision of the game.
And about admin Nick - he even told me he will give me PPs for nothing if I will comment too much on this site about what I feel. And I stopped feel free after that and made 0 comments except important ones.
And it is very bad to hate all Russians because you meet somebody with skype/maphack/etc. I'm not hating Serbians because I know you.
I always treated you okay and on gera cup with game vs hawk I was on your side. When you asked me some replays some time ago I gave them to you. But you are acting worse and worse every time we meet.
[HOT] AtheistP
Also i know why are you so frustrated because u are playing this game 15 years and you didn't archived anything yet,i feel you
[HOT] AtheistP
@ag3nt Do whatever you want its not like i care about this,i am just playing this to help my friends otherwise i dont give rats ass shit about this tbh,and dont act like you do it officially ask your friend Nick to do it,you actually did that before you post this non sense sentence here :)

I said i dont want any observer you should say ok as you wish and go watch stream of ur friend and teammate TGW but no you must complain about this...

So silly.. so fucking silly
[SQK] ag3nt
Please ban AtheistP. Check screenshot + he kicked me from game and closed slots.
y, we can.
hey, can we do 2s first?
Sunday 17:00 ok time for u ?


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