Week 5: SQUELCH KOMMANDO [SQK] vs Real Life Buddies [RLB]

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ok so, LR and GW around 17:00, and 2x2 around 22:00? can we do that? since zerox cant play earlier.
[SQK] ag3nt
most likely equAlex cant play tomorrow. we can play other games.
[RLB] SkyRocky
[SQK] ag3nt
meet tomorrow 17 cet / 18 moscow time
[SQK] ag3nt
if you want i can play greatwall today too
[RLB] SkyRocky
Ok. we play at 20cet
[SQK] ag3nt
Only LR and FC can be played tomorrow
And if that players want they can play 2x2 also
[RLB] SkyRocky
Sry man, i wanted to send you request for new time and date,but i couldnt change (i dont know why) i Was in hurry today. i hope we can play it tomorrow-other day, or u can take all wins. NP
[SQK] ag3nt
RLB doesnt even submit lineup. Because of that i can't upload screenshot to nwc3l.


2 of our players agree to play tomorrow (LR & FC)
Other games should be tech win for SQK I guess.
RLB didnt bother to do any conversation and try to find some agreement with us.
[SQK] ag3nt
ok maybe we can play 2x2 tomorrow. lets play Greatwall today
[SQK] ag3nt
Let's play GreatWall today and 2x2 (if possible, if not then you postpone 2x2).
At least 2 of our players can play tomorrow. And I don't have info about 4th player.
[RLB] SkyRocky
Hi guys, we cant play today, only one our play is available. Lets play tomorrow


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