Week 2: Soviet War Elites [SWE] vs Real Life Buddies [RLB]

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[SWE] Skutt
gg wp RLB, thanks for cw, see you in a few weeks :)
[RLB] SkyRocky
i am waiting for you...
[RLB] SkyRocky
Yes ofc.
[SWE] Starshaped
Can we go in 30 minutes? Sorry
[RLB] SkyRocky
Hi star, im online, /w me on w3a.
[SWE] Starshaped
Hi Skyrocky, can you play at 14 CEST? (2 hours from this post)
[RLB] SkyRocky
Yes i can.
[SWE] Skutt
Can you play dire brooks tomorrow between 12-17cet ?
[SWE] Skutt
Dire brook is postponed
Sry for a little bit late answer, we are ready today at 17:00. Also, we will talk about pps when we meet.
Best of luck for SWE too.
[W3DK] mrwhite-
[SWE] Skutt
Dire brook to be more specific
[SWE] Skutt
Can we prepone 1 game to 14.00?
[SWE] Endarspire
I love Real Life Buddies
[SWE] Skutt
We had a close war with pG but managed a win. We are going to continue our win streak, best of luck to RLB and lets hope for a good and clean war!



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