NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S15 Finale

EI CH Maru [2:0] RaGman
LR EI Flopoks [2:0] Sunny
TSLV CH Arma [0:2] Edo
TM CH JadeDark [0:2] itsmemario
TM SY Quai
[2:0] itsmemario

Welcome to Season 15 Finale! Some unexpected teams here by the way, of course we wait here someone like  SPARX or  IFS, but our finalists said their "resounding no" to them! As result we glad to greet here  Blackcats Gaming and  Lightning7!!! Well done guys, you deserve it!

Also it must be promising oppositng of good players like   Maru and   Sunny who top 3 / top 5 of the league in solo stats, by the way russian human can jump for Top 1 if win clear his own solo series! Of course we highlight   Edo and   JadeDark plus not forget about 2 on 2 series, with some russian oldschool players like   Quai +   SDmk whos currently top 1 with impressive 24 record (of all times) points for their team only in 2s! What touch  BCGG 2 on 2 team - is not so ancient and have no time to give us good feedback, but anyway will ready to give strong fight!

So finally final match of Season 15 this sunday not miss it! GL GG HF to teams! We wait nice performance from you!

Ps. about next season starts, we open registration right after final and planned date of start next season its 19.07.2020! Stay tuned!


[L7] RenZNek
GG WP. Was great battle
[RBTV] Nase
[PD] Bischa
Final will start 17CEST, will be broadcasted (in german) here: https://www.twitch.tv/w3sunny
[RPV] QuywiX
GL & HF guys.
I hope to have a beautiful final :)
[SPX] eMove
GL & HF guys :)
woohoo! 15 season final!!!
[PD] Hax
Hell, its about Time!