NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

Season 15 Summary


  Lightning7 [L7]  - 50$

  Blackcats Gaming [BCGG]

  Team FURIOUS [IFS] &  Zero Effort [zE] 

Maru - 1 on 1

Quai & SDmk - 2 on 2

Season 15 ended and we congratulate Lightning7 [L7] with their 1st victory on NWC3L! Well done guys - super performance! Can't not say about 1st season winners again here with us! I mean ofc -   Flopoks and   Arma, who did it once again from 15 seasons, so impressive time line! Think no one cant predict so unexpected finalists and so interesting final! GG and WP
 BCGG nice shot! In one step from the win already in second season - good job! Also highlight
 Team FURIOUS who made 2nd top 3 at row with strong participate in whole distance and of course  Zero Effort who broke the line for australian teams (1st time play-off for that region) and was clear pretender for title! Certainly we wanna thank again all teams, players, orgas for pretty good participate in league, best organization from all (not?)!!! Thank you, NWC3L keep alive because of you!

Ps. We announce next season tonight, stay tuned!


[W3L] W3L.Psike
Nice season :d gogo for more :D


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