NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

So the group stage comes to an end...

So the group stage comes to an end, and it would seem we can sum up the results, but it was not there, because The situation in the standings is not so clear. Ticket to the playoffs currently provided only team God Bless Pirates [GBP] is the undisputed leader in group A. As for the other teams, here everything is not so obvious, because backlog on points between the rivals can be expected of any minimal, most unexpected outcome. But more interesting is to watch the last play week!

Alas, it was not without losses. Team EAS for Life [EA] disqualified for inactive for 4 weeks this team has been played only 4 games, and we do not believe that a team with such an organization will be able to play in a week 4 matches, so all the rivals EA team get the victory!

Finally not unimportant detail: all games must be played until Sunday 23:59 CET, the same games that anyone, for any reason, will not have time to play just do not go into scoring table and your team will not be counted points! So, beware that you have available a full week.

And traditionally, the schedule of the 5th play week:

Season 1 - Week 5
DkH 0 : 5 GBP
WaMY 3 : 2 LG
SQK 4 : 1 RSHU
Dx 1 : 4 OwNu
EA 0 : 5 WaMX
RB 3 : 2 GFO


NI sevazhu [0:1] Atlas
LR maktim [0:1] Touch
AZ OSS [1:0] Deathnote
AI biko [0:1] rbr.LeX
[0:1] Touch