NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League





1. Main Standings

2. Scheduling

3. Match Process

4. Violations and Penalty Points

1. Main Standings


1.1. New WarCraft 3 League [NWC3L] - this is a team competition in e-sport discipline
Warcraft III TFT / Warcraft III Reforged.

1.2. Participants. Participate in this competition can any team which registered on site and has a minimum of 4 members (include players and managers) in roster.

1.3. Deny participation. Any team can not be involved in the case of causing, insulting or unmanner Team Name, Team TAG or Team Logo.

1.4. Rules. These rules are mandatory for all participants.

1.5. Changes of rules. Any changes in the rules will be announced in the news. The changes take effect immediately after the publication of news. Be attention.

1.6. Game platform. Current game platforn - is official Battle.net server - Northrend (Europe). By agreement of both players it can be another server of Battle.net or NetEase platform.

1.7. Game version. All games must be played on last official version at the time of match start.
As Blizzard promised that classic Warcraft III TFT will not have problmes with cross Warcraft III Reforged.


2. Scheduling


2.1. Structure. Play-off double elimination.

2.2. Schedule. Schedule any stage of the league is divided into play weeks.

2.3. Play weeks. Play week starts on Monday and ends on Sunday. During this time the teams should agree on the date and time of the match and play it.

2.4. Match time. Every match on every play week is automatically assigned at Sunday 17-00 CET (CEST, if the summer time). Team which does not show get a technical defeat (waiting time 15 minutes). By mutual agreement teams can cahnge date and time of the match, but only into play week (read point 2.2).

2.5. Line up. Every participate team must add line up before match starts. In line up can be no more 2 players from Top 50 of current Elo Ranking.

2.6. Replacement players. If a player can not play for any reason, the team manager can replace him by using Wild Card or by agreement from manager of opposite team. For each replacement must be notified in the comments of the match.


3. Match Process


3.1. Match place. The channel is assigned in the match comments.

3.2. System matches and series sequence.

Match system:
1 x 3 on 3 series - best of 2;
3 x 1 on 1 series - best of 2;
1 x 2 on 2 series - best of 3.

Order of series:
1 - 3 on 3 series 1.
2 - 1 on 1 series 2.
3 - 1 on 1 series 3.
4 - 1 on 1 series 4.
5 - 2 on 2 series 5.
3 on 3 must be played first, but order of the other series can be changed or series can be played parallel by mutual agreement of the teams.

3.3. Scoring.
For victory in 3 on 3 and 1 on 1 series winning side get 2 points, loser side get 0 points.
For victory in 2 on 2 series winning side get 1 point, loser side get 0 points.
For tie in 3 on 3 and 1 on 1 series both sides get 1 point.

3.4. Game accounts. Each player must play under the account specified in his profile.

3.5. Game race. On starting map the player has to play by race specified in line up.

3.6. Starting map. By starting map can assigned any map from this list. In next games of the series starting map can not be chosen again.

3.7. Host. The host should suit both players. If the players can not reach a compromise, the administration of league reserve the right to choice of host.

3.8. No observers right. Any player in any game can ask for no observer's. In game can stay one manager from each side, admin or any successful streamer (caster) with delay on his stream minimum 3 minutes.

3.9. Veto right. The winning player or arranged team have the right to strike one map from the map pool referred to in paragraph 3.11.

3.10. Map chosen. After game on starting map, next map chooses a loser side from the map pool referred in paragraph 3.11, taking into account the opponents veto and already played map (starting map can not be a chosen).

3.11. Map pool:

1 on 1: Amazonia • Concealed Hill • Echo Isles • Last Refuge • Northern Isles • Terenas Stand LV • Twisted Meadows

2 on 2: Avalanche LV • Bridge Too Near LV • Centaur Grove • Gnoll Wood • Lost Temple (ROC version) • Synergy • Turtle Rock • Twisted Meadows

3 on 3: Gnoll Wood • Monsoon LV • Rolling Hills • Silverpine Forest • StrangleThorn vale • Timbermawhold • Wizards Retreat

3.12. Postpones and prepones.
For 3 on 3 series postpones are prohibited.
For the rest series 1 postpone for team per match, but for super final matches postpones are prohibited.
By mutual agreement teams can prepone any series and any number of series in exception only Super Final matches.
Accept just dates and times of prepones which confirmed by both sides only in match comments - chats in discord, skype, Battle.net and etc is not agree.
To complete the postponed series, teams are given 6 days or it will be freezed in current score.
If teams can't arrange about date and time of postponed game, they can ask administration of the league for it.

3.13. Wild Card. If for any reason, player of any team can not take part in the match, the team manager can use Wild Card - that is to replace this player to another. Provided the next conditions:
- Replaced player was in the team profile before bigining of the match.
- Does not have a transfer or other ban.
- Did not participate earlier in this match in 1 on 1 series if it's 1 on 1 replacement.
Note: in 2 on 2 and 3 on 3 possible replace one, two or three players, no matter participate they in 1 on 1 series or not.
Number of Wild Cards per season: 1 wild card per match.

3.14. Technical defeat. If a player or team did not come within 15 minutes after assigned time to play a series or match, the team that the player(s) did not show up receive technical defeat in this series or match.
The team receives technical victory in the series must to upload a screenshot of the specified time (/ time) and specified player location on server (/ whois), with a pre-approved channels for the match.
The team receives technical victory in the match must to upload a screenshot of the specified time (/ time), with a pre-approved channels for the match.
Without a screenshots victory is not valid.

3.15. Disconnects. If, after disconnection teams has a disputes, the decision to regame or confirm result taking by league administration.

3.16. Replays. At end of the match, management of teams have to upload the replays. Results of the match or separate series, without uploaded replays is not valid. More details you can find at point 4.3.


4. Violations and Penalty Points


4.1. Game accounts. Players must play on account specified in the team profile in other case opposite team can ask for re-game.

4.2. Change race. Player can't changed the race on the starting map specified in line up.

4.3. Replays. Not uploaded replays after 48 hours from end of the match - nullified result.

4.4. Insults. In the case of insults, disrespect, abuse of profanity against any league member (player, manager, streamer etc.) the team gets - 1 penalty point. For 5 penalty points team get ban for current season.

4.5. Unfair play. For the use of third party programs giving advantage in the game (map hack, lag hack, drop hack, gold hack, skype party etc.) and smurfing (playing on account of other player) the player get technical defeat in series, ban until the end of the current season and the next.

4.6. Playing for two teams. Playing for two teams participating in the season/qualification - technical defeat in series, ban until the end of the current season and the next.

4.7. Transfer ban. Player who joins team during the season must miss 1 match. If, for any reason, he played in the first match after the joining, it received technical defeat in the series.


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