Week 2: France [FRA] vs Solo Perfect Gaming [sPG]

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[RPV] SaTan
we cant find a time for insu vs soo_real due to time zone difference ,Cuch and I tried our best for to organisate this match, but the players just arent available at the same time , so both team agreed to let weed reseed insuperable on this match.
[RPV] SaTan
A mistake has been done in the proccess. Anima was elf while on TSLV , and during the switch the admin settled him in human ; Could you change anima race back to elf please ?
[RPV] SaTan
GueSs now on TS and Anima on Plunder Isle
[sPG] cuch
players from ts lv and plunder were changed, both agreed
[sPG] cuch
yo, can we change some match for friday ?



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