Week 7: Team Bulgaria [BG] vs France [FRA]

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[GCW3] rbr.Shorty
We agreed to give def wins to FRA because our players were not around and we didn't have any substitutes. Our players likely won't be available to play in the next 2-3 weeks either, so this is the only way.
[RPV] SaTan
#9 stop with ur bullshit now, learn to be impartial mygod .We won two seasons without any defwins beside ones given by opponents (exactly like here), and we never ever defwin unless vs cheaters / abusers or teams that doesnt respect us, so exactly like anyone else would.

We're and Always been in good term with shorty, I suggested him on monday to play the bo3s he wants during the Week to help them and avoid possible defwin because their line up having troubles lately. I had Nothing to personally earn from that, and now you dare to come here and throw such a stupid statement ?
you're pathetic.
Yea, no def win, no cw for FRA.
[FraB] PauH
Unlikely, shorty told us to take defwin because he has no time to play a 1x1 and to take the defwin on the 2v2 if godfather doesnt come after 15 mins ( its 1hour now ) so we take it sadly, ty rbr for your best try to finish the cws
[RPV] SaTan
Syde 2-0 Switch AW
[RPV] SaTan
GueSs 2-0 Godfather EI / TM
[RPV] SaTan
We play EI now vs rbr
[RPV] SaTan
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
What is your discord?
[RPV] SaTan
add me on discord pls
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Our player will meet you clan Fra? You here guys?



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