Week 2: PORCHA e-Sports [PRCH] vs DuSt Gaming [DuSt]

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[KoAo] Please
4:0 Finish score!
[DuSt] carsoNNN
Rescheduled to 20:00 CEST on Sunday April 28th due to WC3IL conflicts.
[DuSt] carsoNNN
Match will be played at 18:00 CEST on Sunday April 28th.
[DuSt] carsoNNN
Hello! We may have to post-pone. Sunday the 21st is WCG for Americans, aswell as Easter Sunday. So most of my players are waking up to play WCG, and then spending time with their family's. Do you have a Discord contact? You can add me at carsoNNN#5040