Week 7: PORCHA e-Sports [PRCH] vs BaD MonkeyZ @Bremen eSports [BMz]

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GG! Upload last replay Please!
[pG] pG.Okkul
gogo PRCH , Please- ftw !
[EYG] twitch.badkiwi
Please won vs Schosch in the Last game on TM - I cant submit the Result even with different browser.
[KoAo] Please
admin fix it pls 4-0 score
[EYG] VincentWonder
i´ll talk to the players and tell you wich date we preferr as soon as possible
[KoAo] Please
7, 8 june you ok?
[EYG] aMMo
yes i agree whats your suggest for a new match date?
[KoAo] Please
Yo can we play match after 2 june please?