Week 10: VOGO eSPORT [VOGO] vs Latam United [LUL]

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[SPX] eMove
Last solo will be play on tuesday at 22:00 CEST
[SPX] eMove
Yes we are agree with PP :)
[InFs] MartialSpirit
Hey guys we will need to postpone Death Road please. Schedule will be within the next days. VOGO agreed. Thanks
[SPX] eMove
Let's meet channel clan VOGO on sunday 17:00 CEST Europe server
[SPX] eMove
See on discord, CW will be play at default time.
[SPX] eMove
Guys, can you give me a way to contact you for this CW ? My Discord ID is eMove
[SPX] eMove
Hey guys, when can we play this CW ?



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