Week 2: Washed Up [wU]] vs Bremen eSports Team BMz [BMz]

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[wU] Shear
Confirmed SV for 11:00 CEST sunday. Meeting in channel nwc3l See you there!
[EYG] VincentWonder
okay we accept change for 20 cest and sv will be played on another date, we ll update tomorrow
[EYG] VincentWonder
okay i guess we could agree on 20 cest on sunday? i will figure a player for friday or saturday and contact you tomorrow alright? i add you on discord
[wU] Shear
I will talk to the guys about doing Sunday but it will have to be later than 1700 for sure as that's 8am for 90% of the team and no one will be awake. Maybe we can compromise and do most of the war Sunday but do secret valley on Friday or Saturday sometime early? our SV player won't be around Sunday.
[EYG] VincentWonder
but why doesnt sunday work? cause in anyway friday or saturday will mean stress and social sacrifices for us ;)
[EYG] VincentWonder
Friday and saturday are really bad -.- i will not be there then, i can ask people for friday but i guess 19 cest would be better time? 21 is really late.
[wU] Shear
Hello, lets schedule this either here or on Discord (my id is RealdogXL#7643)

17:00 CEST on Sunday (11/08) doesn't work for us, does 21:00 CEST on friday (09/08) or saturday (10/08) work for you instead? Thanks.