Week 4: RAGE Esports [RAGa] vs VOGO eSPORT [VOGO]

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[W3L] W3L.Psike
Done. GG HF
[RoK] Edge
@admin @nick for some reason i cant fix the Hunter vs yesMyLord score, it was 2:1 to Hunter, please fix it for us, thanks
[SPX] eMove
we swap Hyz for Lilhomie in solo against Pain. So game was Hyz/Pain
[RAGa] CieN
Hey , we swap Pain for Ser in 2n2 , so new 2n2 Pain/Kodo UD/Ne
[RoK] Edge
alright go clan VOGO :D
[SPX] eMove
Hey it's ok. You can meet us in channel "clan vogo" or we will come channel vogo, like you want :)
[RoK] Edge
Yo Guys, lets meet in channel vogo @ europe server 17:00 CEST
I certainly hope so! ^^
Might be Serbian clash! glhf:)