1/16 W: The Rejects [poop] vs Entropy Gaming [EYG]

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[RBB] DennisG
Thx you!
[RBB] DennisG
Right! Cause need add results first!
[RBB] DennisG
Hmm want to, but can only upload Screenshots and pp games :o *love*
#21 Ok, do it!!! :angry:
[RBB] DennisG
Admin upload Button not available anymore? I have all replays.
No Problem to upload them :)
[RN] reyenir
for lulz?
[RBB] DennisG
Hi, sorry I will upload what I can, soon as I can.
Didnt noticed that we have to upload everything.

Btw freeslot for what?
#17 Will see, maybe they will have time to replay.
[RN] ag3nt
so SQK have freeslot now instead of BMz?
4.3. Replays. Not uploaded replays after 48 hours from end of the match - nullified result.
Nice match! ggs!
[RBB] DennisG
Admin the results are reversed.
2v2 2:1 win BMz
3v3 2:0 win BMz
1v1 PI_LV 0-2 lose BMz
[RBB] DennisG
Np for prepones!
[RBB] DennisG
Okay. Team PooP dont got the 3v3 Team together today.
We gave Team PooP now another Time:
12/22/19 14Cet
Bug with scoring - will fixed soon!
3.12. Postpones and prepones. For 3 on 3 series postpones are prohibited.
[RBB] DennisG
3v3 is postponed.
Maybe next week sunday befor other clanwars?
[RBB] DennisG
I did talked with Narbu, we start 14Cet with 3vs3, after that 2v2 and if you still want the Dire Brook 1v1 :)
[RBB] DennisG
Clan BMz
[poop] ShaDeMCG
what channel are we meeting at?
[RN] Smurf
Most of our players are from NA so that time would be early morning when they're still at work, what about sunday late evening then? Would be a perfect time for us and you
[RBB] DennisG
You also can add me on discord to make communication easier.
[RBB] DennisG
Heyho I work on sunday, would it be possible on friday around 17-20CET?
Would be rly good!
[RN] Smurf
Hi is the default time fine for you?



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