Week 2: Zero Effort [zE] vs PLATOON-2- [PN2]

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[P2N] Somatich
ggs :) thanks for manner cw!
Well done! ggs
[zE] Jatz
thank you, all uploaded
[zE] Jatz
thank you very for the very smooth clan war and easy organisation! our player for game 1 - moonglade vs vdraniqBLR- had issues with autosave, can you please upload this match? i've uploaded all other games.
[zE] Jatz
Agreed to play 14:00 CEST on Sunday 19th.
[zE] Jatz
Hi, can we play earlier around 11:00 CEST? We are in Australia / New Zealand so the default time is way too late for us. Happy to discuss on Discord too Jatz#6134



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