Week 8: Washed Up [wU] vs Cascade Fate [FATE]

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[wU] Shear
Screenshot attached :( wish it did not end this way.
[wU] Shear
I still haven't heard back from you regarding the other matches.... As I mentioned default day and time does not work for us. Please contact me as soon as you can so we can schedule the remaining 4 matches...
[wU] Shear
Concealed hill was pre-poned. FreeAgentX 2-0 AzsharaQueeN
[wU] Shear
Hello, I was wondering if you can play our match on Saturday 30.05.2020 @ 20:00 CEST as we have our w3il match on Sunday 31.05. I tried to add you on discord but copy pasting this information and adding to friend didn't work and gave me an error: AzsharaQueeN#2538.

You can contact me here or on discord @ RealdogXL#7643




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