Week 1: Washed Up [wU] vs Rocketbeans TV Community Team [RBTV]

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[wU] Shear
Clerical Error found:
Meecro played vs TapioN (score 0-2) on Northern Isles
Sosorryman played vs Changer (score 2-1) on Echo Isles

Amazonia will be played later this week, still in process of scheduling. Thank you for great clanwar so far
[NaCl] Scription
LR Scars (orc)
AZ (Postponed): kevinschwehm (elf)
NIS Tapion (orc)
EI Changer (hu)
TM: Changer/Scars (hu/orc)
[wU] Shear
LR: Soulglider (human)
AZ (Postponed): Shear (orc)
NIS: Meecro (night elf)
EI: Sosorryman (human)
2v2: Sosorryman (human) & Meecro (night elf)
[wU] Shear
Hey friends nice to see you again :) can you play at 20:00 CEST on sunday?
[RBTV] Nase
hello again ))


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wU [7:8] RBTV 24.05.2020


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