Week 3: GlobalClan [GCW3] vs Washed Up [wU]

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#4 Y thanks, bugs with score under investigation until tomorrow!
[wU] Shear
There is some problem with reporting and score is showing wrong. Actual Results below

CH: Lubber 2 - 0 hmk4
TSLV: Godfather 2 - 1 Sosorryman
2v2: PP

Gcw3 5 : 1 wU

hmk4 and meecro switched on solos, gcw3 accepted.
[wU] Shear
Sure no worries, if there is some postpones we can make them up, if you do manage to find out ahead of time which maps will need to be postponed just let me know. Thanks see you Sunday! I have submitted the time change just accept at your convenience.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Well we can agree on that time with the promise that we might need to postpone some games for other days because its gonna be late for some of us. Anyway see you 20 CET Sunday.
[wU] Shear
Hey friends, we are PDT timezone (CEST -9) and default time is too early for us. Will you be able to play Sunday at 20:00 CEST instead? Thank you! Can contact me on discord anytime: RealdogXL#7643



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