Week 5: EwOk [EwOk] vs Washed Up [wU]

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    [wU] Shear
    EwokTanguy and GrosCalibre switched spot, allowed by wU.

    Last Refuge and Northern Isles were FF wins for wU so there are no replays. Screenshot is attached.

    Lost Temple 2v2 is postponed by EwOk will be scheduled later this upcoming week.

    [wU] Shear
    We will meet you on Europe bnet and I will create a discord dm group to discuss the hosting situation.
    [wU] Shear
    The other EwOk admin just wanted me to contact you

    This all sounds good, I have one player who can play early at 14:00 - 16:00 CEST if that works better for one of your players, let me know.
    [EwOk] EwOkChef
    Hey sry I thought other admin from EwOk already answer you ? It's ok for us. Maybe we'll have to pp some games, i'll tell you tomorrow. But ok for 20:00 CEST
    [wU] Shear
    If you have any questions or would like to discuss here is my contact.
    Discord Id: RealdogXL#7643
    [wU] Shear
    Hi friends, can you play on sunday at 20:00 CEST? We are all PDT timezone and 17:00 cest is very early for us. Thank you.