Week 4: HATE Team [HATE] vs Nerds Attending Clan Leagues [NaCl]

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[HATE] Thiones
In 2 vs 2 series HATE did a substitution. DogDays played instead of Sorah (due eletricity issues in his house).
Wild card not used in site because I was working in rehearsals and was not present during the games. I cant say if the players did not knew about the wild card button in site or if they are not able to use it.
[NaCl] FlutschfinGER



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son_bez_sna match 31.10 - 19:44 CET
W3L.Psike match 12.10 - 03:51 CEST
Nerzhul match 25.09 - 23:25 CEST
admin match 16.09 - 17:49 CEST
Raven_TT match 11.09 - 20:21 CEST