Week 1: TDR-Gaming [TDR] vs Run Bi7ch Run [rbr]

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[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Any news?
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Any news here? The deadline is this week...
[DkH] Razer.Rain
Okay, i will ask rich if it fits for him.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Hi guys, I can play my match next week after 5pm CET on Wednesday or Friday, as well as during the weekend before 5pm CET. Please let me know when your player might be available.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Probably next weekend, as this week (including the weekend) appears to be going to be extremely packed.
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
when u have time to play pped 1n1 shorty?
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
this clanwar is livestreamed: http://www.twitch.tv/ggirlmedia
we need to pp 1n1 IceForge
Sunday, 15 cet accepted. Hopefully we will get enough players:)
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Sudd3R is the Orga of this and the cws of the future:-)
I just wanted to inform you about Lex.
[GCA] rbr.Shorty
Yes, we do. I am a little confused as to who I need to speak with of your team, though. Up to now while I tried to reach out to all of the listed orgas, I have only received replies from Pala. Who is the lead orga for this CW?
[GCW3] rbr.GodFather
Lex will stay at TDR. Do you have a LU without him? Please delete him of your roster, thx.