Week 4: France [FRA] vs Kings Light Players [kLp]

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[RPV] SaTan
FRA reseed BeNSeN by Zeikooo
Klp reseed ComixZone by Unknownhuman
ZeikO 2-1 Unknown
Gl hf for the next of the season
[kLp] kaio
2v2 replaced;
YoM & saturn vs warrenbuffet & tricksy
[kLp] kaio
disponibilty for 2v2: between 10h > 14h CEST

for last 1v1, satan you said me: "in the evening". Give me more precisions on bensen's time.

[RPV] SaTan
Buffett 2-0 saturn ( ashenval dispute) please correct this nick
and insuperable vs tricksta_ (uthersslumber ) is the other game
[kLp] kaio
[RPV] SaTan
As FRA cant play the cw this sunday due to a LAN party between the FRA team on paris this week end, kLp agreed to play the cw during the week, which is why the line up is already up !

After we discovered the line up, we noticied that : Warren have +8 from the CEST time zone, when insu has -6 from CEST Time zone.

Due to that, there's no possibility to play this match, so we agreed with kLp manager to do something more logic in order to have this match played :

-We'll change Tricksta by Warren on ashenval dispute .

So we have :
SaturN vs Warren on ashenval dispute
iNSUPERABLE vs tricksta on uther slumber



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