NWC3L - New WarCraft 3 League

S13 W1

Welcome to 13 season, finally qualification not work how we want, but it was predictable. So let's move directly to the group stage, how you can see it's 1 group with 12 teams, long distance there and we hope everyone will be able to master this journey (almost 3 months). Especially wanna pay attention on rules, to minimize the number of misunderstandings and constantly arising questions on one or another cases. At first rule of postpones is changed a bit, now teams have only 2 weeks to finish it, be attention please in this one. Also lovely question is "how many teams going play-off?" - in play-off going top 6 teams. In play-off we will switch for old wc3l system - with two 2on2's so be ready too. New teams should know about transfer ban for new players who must miss first match after the joining. Well every team has 3 Wild Cards for group stage and 1 for play-off, so you can use it in an extreme situation. Seems we make small review here about popular positions, but if you still have a questions - ask it in comments.

And finally for you attantion schedule of 1st play week with many interesting matches! Let's get started!

Season 13 - Week 1
BMz 6 : 9 IFS
SQK 11 : 4 wU
DuSt 12 : 3 RAGa
LUL 3 : 12 uMaD
InFs 2 : 10 pG
VOGO 4 : 11 cSc


[InFs] InFs_Zero_[M]
[VOGO] eMove
GL guys for this season !!!


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