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S9 D2 Final

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Welcome to the first Division 2 Final in NWC3L history! Very interesting teams meet here: it's top 1 of division, squad which easaly can goes Nation Wars almost in full roster ^^ -  Real Life Buddies! In other corner "farm club" of Wolves in face  Wolves eSports II with currently top 1 of solo rank in div 2 -   Maru! Funny this match was on last play week and again this teams meet each other so soon, btw with close enough score 9:6 Serbian guys make a difference for first place! So another great battle already for clear place at D1 already this sunday!


[WLV2] MartialSpirit
Congratz, RLB! Now with AtheistP next season, you will do a great job in the 1st division. All the best, guys.
[SWE] Skutt
Good luck to both teams!
[RLB] FpXy
[RLB] FpXy
thanks fans
[HOT] ena1337
[WLV2] MartialSpirit
GL both!
[RLB] FpXy
gogo ls 3
[RLB] SkyRocky
googo Ls :D
[WLVS] Ls.Psike
Go go Ls :D
[RLB] FpXy
[SWE] Endarspire
Exciting!! :D
[OwNu] OA

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